I wanted to know your opinion of the protein power diet that is gaining popularity.


I wanted to know your opinion of the protein power diet that is gaining popularity. As you probably know, it’s promoted by two MD’s (Drs. Eades). They have two levels: one is about 30 grams of carbohydrate a day; the other is a little less restrictive, about 55 grams per day (which is the one I’m following). I seem to be doing pretty well on it and I have a lot of trouble with the typical 1200 calorie a day diet. I think I have trouble with carbohydrates and may, in fact, be insulin resistant. Do you think there’s any harm in this at least until I lose the 10 to 15-pounds that I’m looking to lose?

I’m eating pretty healthy stuff, mostly meat, chicken, fish and lots of fresh vegetables. I take a good multivitamin, potassium supplement and vitamin C every day.

Another question if I may? Have you ever heard of a dietary supplement that is called blue-green algae? If so, what do you think of it? Thanks so much for your help.

Both 30 and 55 grams of carbohydrate per day is less than the minimum 130 grams necessary to prevent loss of lean tissue (muscles and organs). I would not recommend either of your carbohydrate levels for weight loss as you are likely to regain this weight once you stop dieting.

Good thing you take a multivitamin vitamin as it is impossible for women to meet the RDA on less than 1600 calories per day. But why take additional Potassium or Vitamin C. If you have normally functioning kidneys, you probably have very yellow urine from the excessive amount of vitamin C in the supplement which is also probably in the multivitamin you take.

Insulin resistance occurs when more insulin is necessary to enter a cell to metabolize glucose (blood sugar) into energy (calories). As little as a 10% weight loss does improve insulin resistance, lower blood glucose, and lowers blood insulin levels. People with Type II diabetes often have insulin resistance and this is reflected in their higher blood sugar even without taking insulin shots. What makes you think you have insulin resistance? Do you have high blood sugar? If so, you should see your doctor.

You don’t explain why you have trouble with 1200-calorie diets in particular carbohydrates. Perhaps 1200 calories are too low for your weight loss plan.

Yes, I have heard of blue-green algae. It is not the silver bullet for weight loss that you are looking for. Would suggest you talk to a Registered Dietitian who could help you plan a healthy weight loss/exercise program for life. It takes a reduced calorie intake, exercise and writing down everything you eat to successfully lose weight to keep off weight according to current research.