I was trying to find the calories in Moon cakes and kebabs.


I was trying very hard to find out the calories content in Mooncakes, a traditional Chinese recipe made for celebration during moon cakes festival.

Also, I want to know the calories content in kebabs, including mutton, beef and chicken kebabs wrapped in pita bread. Many thanks.

Sorry, but I don’t have a recipe for Mooncakes nor a nutritional analysis. I would recommend doing a nutrient analysis with a recipe software program based on the number of servings in your recipe.

With regards to kebabs, it would depend on what meat and what veggies or fruit are on the kebab as well as condiments like cucumber sauce on the pita sandwich. I would also recommend a recipe analysis for each meat variation as chicken is lower in fat than beef or lamb which will determine the calories in a serving of the recipe. Hopefully, you meant lamb, not mutton because mutton refers to the meat of a sheep that is more than 1-year-old and tougher than lamb.