I am actually bulimic and a cutter because I feel so badly about myself.

I think that your calculator is messed up. People feel bad about themselves as it is and I don’t think that it makes them feel any better. I am really only 15 years old, but I tried the calculator saying I was 18. I am actually bulimic and a cutter because I feel so badly about myself as it is. This pretty much screamed out “you are a fat ass”! My friend also took this and she is definitely not fat she is only a size 7 and it said she was at an unhealthy weight. Sorry for writing this I just thought it was necessary.

As gently as I can, I would encourage you to see a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders about your bulimia and self-mutilation. You need to talk to someone about how you feel about yourself and find a healthier path in life. Food is not the issue and I would really hope that you find a therapist to talk to about your issues.

The text I used in the Healthy Body Calculator® are rather gentle and it doesn’t use the words obese and definitely not “fat ass”. The calculator is designed for adults, not teens. If you want to send me your height, weight, and age, I will give you some feedback using the Healthy Kid Calculator® if you are receptive. Also, ask your friend to send me the data she entered so I can try to reproduce her results.