I am a vegetarian and binge on vegetables.

I am a vegetarian and eat dairy products sparingly. I feel that my diet is generally healthy and I exercise 4 to 5 times a week for about 45 minutes. My problem is that I binge every 2 weeks or so. My binges don’t seem to be triggered by emotions or cravings and when I have them I will eat anything– whether it is something fattening like pizza or healthy like steamed vegetables. I will consume in 1 sitting more than I’ve eaten all day! I don’t try to exercise it away or use laxatives, etc. I feel too sick!

Binge eating is characterized by a very large intake of food in a short period of time. Usual binge foods are high sugar, high-fat foods. Pizza is not inherently fattening as it has bread as the crust, vegetables as tomato sauce and dairy as cheese.  Food that is eaten to excess or more food than you need in a day can add body fat.

People usually stop eating when they feel full, but persons with bulimia continue eating even after feeling increased stomach discomfort due to distention. Vomiting may or may not occur after a binge. Excessive exercise or the use of laxatives are other behaviors that can be present. Your exercise program seems healthy and appropriate.

Food is not the cause of a food binge. I would suggest you see a psychologist and discuss what episodes trigger your binge eating.

In the meantime, plan ahead to eat 6 small meals per day. Choose mealtimes and stick to those structured times every 4 to 6 hours. Remove any high fat, high sugar foods from your house that you have binged on in the past. Steamed vegetables are healthy foods so don’t eliminate them, but eat them in moderation. Ask your psychologist to see a Registered Dietitian with experience in working with eating disorders.