I run 3 miles per day followed by 1 mile walking with a body fat of 10% but would prefer to be 5%.


Hi, I am 5 feet 8 inches, 135 pounds, no upper body (muscle), skinny, medium frame, very healthy and I run 3 miles per day in 24 minutes, followed by 1 mile walking in 12 minutes. The rest of the time I walk to class and study. I probably walk an hour per day between classes. I am white if it makes a difference. I sleep 7 hours per day. I have a body fat of 10% and would prefer it to be 5 %. (I race and the more fat you have, the more mass you have to lug around with you). Healthy Body Calculator® says my caloric intake should be 2500 to 3000. This is twice what most people recommend. I know that I only take in about 1600 calories per day and I never lose or gain weight. Any ideas what my healthy caloric intake would be? Thanks!

PS I took kinesiology and I calculated it to be 1400 kcal per day. I just want a second opinion before I settle into some regiment. Thanks.

There are several issues you need to address. First, you are underweight for height by at least 4 pounds. I say this relative to your immune system and overall health. Second, if you want to lose 5% body fat, I would suggest you do that and maintain your weight or possibly gain 4 pounds of additional muscle. See an exercise physiologist or a certified trainer about weight training to increase muscle, especially in your legs, while decreasing body fat. Talk to your kinesiology instructor about who to see for strength training.

Your Nutrition Facts calculated calories are probably correct depending on how you entered your activity hours. If you eat enough to maintain your weight, then the amount of food you eat is your healthy calorie intake to balance the exercise you get. Go back and put your data into the Healthy Body Calculator® again as it will give you a specific calorie level and it will consider your current body fat when calculating your results. I’d be very surprised if your calorie requirements were only 1400 unless you are talking about basal energy, which is how many calories, you need at rest without any activities or exercise.

How do you know you only eat 1600 calories per day? Do you write down everything you eat and analyze it with nutrition software? If not, you may be underestimating what you eat and drink.