There have never been documented cases of nerve damage caused by vitamin B6 of doses of less than 500 milligrams a day.


There have never been documented cases of nerve damage caused by vitamin B6 at doses of less than 500 milligrams a day. Please provide me with the documentation that says otherwise. Three hundred milligrams a day of vitamin B6 is safe and has been documented over and over to cure carpal tunnel. Please do not mislead people. Since you are in a position to help them, you need to do your homework.

Additives in the foods (i.e. corn syrup) since 1970 are not excluding the birth control pill all contribute to vitamin B6 deficiency which naturally explains why more women than men experience carpal tunnel on birth control pill.

The concern about vitamin B6 toxicity is from vitamin supplements, not from food sources. The first major report of vitamin B6 toxicity appeared in 1983. Authors of a 1986 report reported women and men who had been taking 2 to 6 grams of vitamin B6. The large doses of vitamin B6 supplements taken for months or years caused irreversible nerve damage.

The most recent report on Vitamin B6 upper-level intake was released in 2004 by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Science, Institute of Medicine. The new RDA included the upper level of a safe intake of vitamin B6 as being 100 milligrams per day. Amounts taken above this amount can cause sensory neuropathy leading to numbness and weakness in your limbs. Toxicity symptoms include depression, fatigue, irritability, nerve damage leading to numbness and muscle weakness and even bone pain. You can read for yourself about vitamin B6 at the National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine including about women on birth control pills who do not have increased needs for vitamin B6.

Corn syrup has nothing to do with a vitamin B6 deficiency either unless by association a person only consumed simple carbohydrates. In which case, there would be many deficient vitamins and minerals.