My mom just started taking hydrazine sulfate today for her cancer. What foods contain Bovril or Marmite?


My mom just started taking hydrazine sulfate today for her cancer. It says not to eat anything with Bovril or Marmite as they will counteract the medicine and make it useless. It is extremely URGENT that I find out what foods contain these two ingredients and what exactly they are.

Also, do you know if they go by any other names so I can look for them in the ingredients on food labels? Thanks so much!!

Bovril and Marmite are the trade names of food products sold mainly in the United Kingdom. I don’t know if they are ingredients in any other foods so you will have to read food labels. These products are available in grocery stores in England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and most European countries.

Bovril is a flavoring used in soups or in hot water as a beverage called beef tea or chicken tea depending on the flavor. Due to scares in England about mad cow disease, the manufacturing company removed beef from the product until exporting of beef products resumed. The beef in Bovril currently comes from Sweden and Ireland.

Marmite contains a yeast byproduct from brewing beer, vegetable extract and salt (1 teaspoon has 200 milligrams sodium) that is also used as a spread on toast, flavoring or dissolved in hot water and drank as a beverage. Marmite is a good source of protein (1.5 grams), thiamin (18% RDA), niacin (17% RDA), riboflavin (36% RDA), folic acid (50% RDA) and vitamin B12 (60% RDA).

Hydrazine sulfate was not listed in any of the drug-nutrient references I have or the National Institute of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements. I checked the National Cancer Institute and hydrazine sulfate does not shrink tumors or make them go away. According to some research, hydrazine sulfate may be helpful with loss of appetite, body weight and muscle wasting in patients with cancer.