My diagnosis of lupus was incorrect and I am getting thyroid antibodies checked.

Thanks for the reply. I had to go back to the doctor since writing as I had blepharitis, a swelling of the eyelids. My usual doctor was away and saw his partner only to have him tell me that the diagnosis of lupus is in his opinion incorrect and that I should have thyroid antibodies checked which I have done, but so far not got the results. To be honest, am too scared to return after the last scary diagnosis. Reading up on the thyroid I probably need calcium. I will make a call to the doctor as soon as I get back in the swing of things at work and discuss all these things with my doctor. It is good to hear what you have said as well. I actually sometimes wonder how many of one’s problems are caused by incorrect medication and diagnosis.

Good to hear from you. If it doesn’t feel right to your gut feeling, keep asking questions.

Remember that just because you don’t know the test results doesn’t change the diagnosis. The sooner you find out what your diagnosis is the sooner you can start treatment. Fear is keeping you stuck. You are your own best advocate so make an appointment to talk to your new doctor about your test results and find out what you can do to regain your health.