On the weekends, I go out for 12 to 20 beers. My test showed that my triglycerides were 125, cholesterol was 223.


I’m writing to you in regards to a physical that I had recently. I’m a male 28 years old, 5 feet 9 inches 220 pounds with a pretty big build due to former bodybuilding that I used to do. I exercise moderately by riding my bike for about 2 hours a week. My diet I think is pretty good. I eat very low-fat foods, but on the weekends, I go out with my friends for approximately 12-20 beers for the whole weekend.

My test showed that my triglycerides were 1254 milligrams/deciliter, cholesterol was 223 and my SGPT (Blood test for the liver enzyme. Higher results may indicate hepatitis or cirrhosis in persons who drink.) was 50. I also forgot to say I really do not eat any sweets. I know I have to stop the drinking, but is there anything else I should do to lower my tests. Also, my test for diabetes was negative. Please advise me.

You are correct. Your triglycerides and SGPT tests are too high. Your SGPT should be 4 – 36 U / L. SGPT is a liver enzyme and when it is elevated, which alcohol can do, it indicates possible liver damage. Your liver enzymes should come down rather quickly if you do not drink any alcohol. If you continue drinking, you will probably end up with permanent liver damage or cirrhosis.

Also, your triglycerides should be less than 150 mg/dl. Your tests showed your triglycerides to be extremely high (1254 mg/dl). One possible reason for this is your alcohol consumption. Triglycerides are elevated with alcohol consumption.

If you know what your body fat percentage is trying the Healthy Body Calculator®. However, if you haven’t had your body fat tested in the last month, your body fat may have increased and you should have it measured again before including body fat data. A healthy weight for you depends on what your body fat percentage is.