My hands swell up at night with ring mark on my fingers from swelling up.


I have a question about my hands swelling up at night. I even have a ring mark on my right hand from my fingers swelling up. Some of this swelling is heredity. I do know that because my hands swell form anything with too much salt, pork and certain hams. Is there anything that I can use in place of salt to add flavor to my foods that wouldn’t cause my hands to swell up?

I would appreciate an answer a soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Salt and high sodium foods can cause fluid to be retained in the spaces around cells and result in localized swelling. I am surprised that your hands swell. Would recommend you remove your rings before bedtime so that if your hands do swell, the ring will not act as a tourniquet on your finger. Do you notice this happening when your hands are hanging down at your side? When you state this happens at night, do you mean while you are sleeping?

Another seasoning that can cause or add to swelling is monosodium glutamate (MSG) or the brand name seasoning Accent. Some people are more sensitive to this and soy sauce which is also high in sodium. Both of these seasonings are used in Asian or stir-fry cooking. Do you notice more swelling after eating Asian or stir fry meals?

Look in the salt and high blood pressure topic for a seasoning shaker that doesn’t contain salt. It will be one of the last questions. Also, read this topic for more info on foods high in sodium.