Do you think 1300 calories is appropriate and how should I break down carbohydrates, protein, and fat?


First off, CFF is an abbreviation for “calories from fat” (I think that I picked that up from the fat-free newsgroup!).

The doctor has never given me any specifics regarding diet since my kidney removal, but his nurse suggested watching my protein intake. I’m afraid that I have no idea of how my calories should break down! I am open to any recommendations you might make. As you can see, my main concern has been cutting the fat out. Do you think that 1300 calories are appropriate and if so, how should I break it down as far as carbohydrate, protein and fat? At this point eating healthy is a large concern to me as is continuing to lose weight.

BTW, I normally do 45 minutes 5 days a week on the treadmill. Once again, thank you for allowing me to bend your “ear” and I truly do appreciate your taking the time to respond.

Thanks for your explanation of CFF. (See the Iron topic for the first question.)

Someone who has access to your medical chart should determine the calorie, protein and fat content as well as carbohydrate. I am really concerned when a patient is told to watch some aspect of their diet. (Usually, patients watch their food then eat it.) You need to talk to a nutrition professional. Call the clinic where your doctor is and ask to talk to a Registered Dietitian.

Keep up the healthy lifestyle of cutting fat and exercise. You are on the right track. You can look at the Overweight topic for some general weight loss tips, but I would suggest you get a professional to plan an individualized meal plan that takes all your health concerns into account.