My mother is losing weight because of emphysema. Who can give me a meal plan for my mother?


Can you just try to help me or put me in touch with someone who can advise me to give me a meal plan for my mother who is losing weight because of emphysema? She is 70 years old, takes Prednisone and Atrovent, on 24-hour oxygen. Her rib cage and knees caps are protruding now.

Please help, my computer is slow and I can’t navigate the web effectively. Time is crucial. Thank you very much.

I would strongly encourage you to contact your doctor and ask to talk to a registered dietitian. You can also call your local hospital or medical clinic and ask if they have a Registered Dietitian. A dietitian could read your mom’s chart and make specific recommendations for an individualized meal plan to meet her nutritional needs.

Your mom sounds very underweight and since she is on oxygen, will not tolerate a diet high in carbohydrates, but yet needs nourishment. There are several liquid supplements that would provide her the calories and nutrients between meals yet not increase her oxygen consumption with a high carbohydrate meal plan.