I gained 30 pounds during pregnancy and lost none of it even breastfeeding for 8 months.

My first baby was born last September 24. I gained about 30 pounds during pregnancy and have lost none of it even though he was breastfed for 8 months. My suspicion is that lack of exercise is my particular problem. My question, though, is related to the advice I have received not to worry about losing weight until after the next (presumably last) baby, which my husband and I hope to produce next year. Should I make a concerted effort to lose weight now (if I can summon the willpower) or wait until later?

If you have no other health concerns, I would strongly recommend you start losing the weight now. I do not believe in willpower, which doesn’t last. I do believe in slow weight loss combined with regular exercise. See the overweight topic.

If you gained 30 pounds during pregnancy and haven’t lost it by the time you get pregnant again, then you may have even more weight to lose after the birth of your second baby.

Breastfeeding actually increases your metabolic rate to about 2300 calories per day (non-pregnant women need about 1800 calories per day). The amount of breast milk produced is dependent on your calorie and fluid intake. Some women lose weight, some don’t breastfeeding.