Could you point me towards tools that help assess whether a 10 year old child is hyperactive versus just being boy?

I found your webpage by doing a net search for “hyperactive children”. Could you point me any tools (i.e. useful questionnaires) that may help a parent assess whether a 10-year old child is indeed “hyperactive” versus just being a typical boy at that age?

I am not aware of any nutritional tools for screening hyperactivity in children. However, why don’t you ask your son’s doctor for the name of a neurologist who is the appropriate person to perform testing. Also, a special education teacher or psychologist at your son’s school could point you toward recent testing tools or questionnaires for parents. Most public schools perform testing free for students who may be in need of special educational services.

You are wise to question whether your child is just typical. After all, it is normal for children to be physically active and have shorter attention spans than parents.

Ironically, there has been some recent research that again states that sugar does not cause hyperactivity in children. It would be nice to put that nutritional misconception to rest finally. If anything sugar has a dulling or numbing effect and in large amounts can make people sleepy.