I began taking a colloidal mineral supplement daily and am pregnant.

I recently began taking a colloidal mineral supplement daily. I heard the tape “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” by Dr. Joel Wallach. Now I find I am pregnant. I am looking for information concerning taking these supplements during the pregnancy. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you.

Colloidal minerals are molecules of minerals floating in a liquid. Nothing in the research suggests that colloidal minerals are more or less absorbable than mineral supplements in pills. In fact, I have not seen any research on absorption of colloidal minerals after checking what is available in a Medline search and many nutrition reference texts.

I have listened to the tape and have numerous doubts, the first of which why is the person providing nutrition information also selling supplements? Another question is why recommend nutrients that have no proven requirement by humans? The statements that our soils are completely depleted of minerals are absurd. Many plants need minerals for their own survival. Generally, a lack of a nutrient would cause deficiency symptoms in plants and animals as evidenced by cows that graze on selenium-poor soils. But not all cows have a deficiency of selenium. The last question is when did the human body adapt to run on pills and supplements that have only been available during the last century? If you want a vitamin and mineral packed food, eat liver. Unless you can find documented research that states colloidal minerals are safe to be taken during pregnancy, I could not recommend it.

Your obstetric doctor will probably prescribe prenatal vitamins that include iron, vitamin c (improves iron absorption) and Folacin (folic acid or folate) to prevent neural tube defects. The only vitamin that you should not take in excess of the RDA while pregnant is Vitamin A which should be limited to 800 RE ( = 4000 IU) daily. You should include in this limited total any supplement that contains Vitamin A in addition to the Vitamin A in the foods you eat.

Another nutritional concern is that you gain weight because that helps determine your baby’s weight gain and development. Have you tried my Healthy Body Calculator? It will calculate a healthy weight gain, calories, and nutrients for your pregnancy.

Congratulations & Best Wishes.