My wife has poor egg quality and her fertility doctors say they know of nothing to improve her eggs.

My wife & I have been told that her “egg quality” isn’t good. We were told this recently after a “high tech” procedure was done to retrieve her eggs and fertilize them with my sperm. The fertilization didn’t take and we had an “out of the womb miscarriage “according to our fertility doctors. They said this was a result of poor egg quality and that they knew of nothing that can be done to improve her eggs. Is there?

Actually, a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever produce. The eggs ripen at different times from the onset of menses until menopause. Sometimes multiple eggs ripen during one month. Whereas, a man continually makes sperm.

I do not know of anything nutritionally that can improve ovum quality other than not being underweight. You could do a Medline search on female infertility or human ovum. Medline is published medical research and may be a bit difficult to read, but worth a try. You could also consult other fertility doctors in your area about egg quality.

As to pregnancy, a woman’s nutritional health 2 years prior to becoming pregnant is important as is the mother’s weight gain during pregnancy. Would not suggest a weight loss program unless you make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need according to the RDA. When you do conceive, check out the Healthy Body Calculator. It calculates a healthy weight gain during pregnancy as well as the additional calories and protein necessary.