I have diverticulitis and my doctor gave me a high fiber diet.

I have been undergoing treatment for diverticulitis and my doctor’s office gave me a “high fiber diet” (a list of eight food categories) in which it stated to include a cup of nuts a day. Even I know better than that. I have checked around with several bookstores, etc. and I can’t seem to find a good high fiber diet for this particular problem. Do you have a resource or can I obtain a “good” diet? I certainly don’t mind and would be more than happy to pay the cost. Please let me know. Thank you.

Have you read my fiber topic as it contains much info about high fiber foods. The current medical nutrition therapy for diverticulosis (no symptoms) is a high fiber nutrition therapy including nuts, but no seeds (berries, tomatoes, etc.) that can get caught in the diverticuli (pockets in the intestinal wall).

However, you say that you have diverticulitis (symptoms which may include pain and inflammation). The current medical nutrition therapy is a low fiber diet, which eliminates all raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains or cereals while you have symptoms.

Sounds like you could use some guidance. I would suggest you call your doctor’s office and ask to talk to a dietitian. It is more than just following a printed list of allowed and omitted foods.