I tried an elimination diet with the aid of a dietitian who specialized in food intolerance.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I spent some months on an elimination diet in 1992 with the aid of a dietitian who specialized in food intolerance. Also, I had skin prick tests and tested egg yolks and whites independent of each other. I have a comprehensive listing of the amount of salicylate found in vegetables, fruits, and liquids, spices etc. I will send you a copy along with a copy of “Friendly Food” which is a book based on 10 years research at the Human Nutrition Unit, University of Sydney and the Allergy Clinic, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. They developed a comprehensive dietary program which is now in use throughout Australia. The book has food charts (chemicals) and relevant recipes. Thank you for your advice about hydrochloric acid and enzymes. Much appreciated.

Your email sounded like you had run the gauntlet of testing and trying various treatments. Would greatly appreciate your listing for salicylate in food and reference for the source of data.

My gut reaction is that you may need to start from square one with food as your body may be “confused” as to what is a friend and what is a foe. Therefore, I suggested the elimination diet as a place to start.

My other concerns have to do with your nutritional adequacy. Because of the number of foods that you are eliminating, you are also eliminating nutrients. If your intestinal absorption is reduced due to food allergies which is quite possible, then a concentrated pill of vitamins and minerals i.e. vitamin supplement may go straight through as well without being absorbed – a waste of money. I would encourage you to pursue your food allergies to try to get some resolution/ stabilization/improvements in your symptoms with your allergist doctor.