Which schools in California have the best internship programs?


I am currently going to school at UC Davis and I am planning on becoming a registered dietitian. I have a couple of questions for you. I am required to do a one-year internship, do you know which schools in California have the best programs?

I am very interested in nutrition and sports and would like to be a nutritional counselor for a college or professional team. Do you have any information on how I could get involved in that? I am assuming I would need a Ph.D., not just a Masters. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Why don’t you contact the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at (312) 899-0040 or visit their web page at www.eatright.org where they have undergraduate, graduate and internship programs listed.

Why not contact the professional sports teams in California and ask to talk to their sports nutritionist? Then ask that person where they went to school and how did they get their job. At a minimum, you will need a Masters degree. Why not think about getting it in exercise physiology?