I am doing a research paper on weight loss alternatives.


I am currently a first-year dietetics student and I am doing a research paper on weight loss alternatives. My research paper also includes doing a display board with a purpose, hypothesis, procedure, results, and conclusion. I am focusing on Gastroplasty and Phen Phen and what their nutritional effects are, but being that they are both unhealthy alternatives to choose, I am uncertain on how I would go about presenting them on a display board with including a purpose, hypothesis etc.

I have thought about doing just gastroplasty and comparing it to a more nutritional alternative, but I am having problems thinking of a more healthier weight loss alternative besides your basic My Plate and exercising. Does a more nutritional weight loss alternative actually exist besides My Plate and exercising?

Another question I would like to ask about is how do I get a hold of a videotape showing how gastroplasty is done to show to my class? Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would appreciate any input and suggestions that you may have concerning the topic I have chosen.

Well, both weight loss alternatives are rather drastic. Either sleeve or band gastroplasty (stomach reduction) is in current use. Whereas Phen-fen has been banned by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Almost total gastroplasty that left a very small pouch and Phen-fen were previously recommended for morbidly obese (2X Ideal Body Weight (IBW) or 100 pounds over IBW) where the surgeon is up to his / her elbows into the person’s abdominal cavity. I don’t think your classmates could sit through a video of how a gastroplasty is done as I have. You would probably have people passing out in class. There are not a lot of healthy alternatives for the morbidly obese and a 1,200 calorie diet or exercise program is not reasonable due to issues of satiety (feeling satisfied) or doctor’s approval for physical ability to exercise.

Whereas My Plate and exercise are more for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You seem to be lost with this assignment. Why don’t you pick another topic? Why not compare weight loss plans (read my overweight topic) to say one of the popular diets? There is lots of info online about popular diets including keto.