Women I work with pester me about a hi protein, low carbohydrate diet.


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found this website.

I work with several women who are on the high protein / low carbohydrate diet. They continually pester me, saying that the way I am aiming for weight loss (exercise and well-balanced meals) is no good.

I am part of the minority who don’t normally enjoy red meats, while loving whole grain bread, pasta, etc. I also love to eat plants (veggies, fruits, seaweeds…and yes, I even love Brussels sprouts). The thought of eating bacon and a 3-egg omelet in order to lose weight turns my stomach.

While they have lost weight faster than I have, I can run 3 miles and they cannot. I also don’t suffer from “lower back pains”, alleviated by drinking water and I can eat out anywhere, anytime.

I have lost “only” five pounds in the last month, but I did it without having to buy special foods or completely avoiding others. Your site is like my personal cheering section, backing me up in what I consider the only *sane* and healthy way to lose weight. Thank you!

Thanks a bunch for your cheers.

Yes, it is difficult to combat the fad diets that constantly appear on the horizon with promises of a silver nutrition bullet to cure their overweight. But with time, they all fade away when the next popular fad diet comes along.

While you may have lost less weight than your high-pro co-workers, you probably have added muscle and reduced body fat while they are depleting muscles to supply the carbohydrate in short supply in their diets.

Aim high for a strong, healthy woman’s body.