What do you think about Instant Breakfast? Will it help me lose weight?

What do you think about Instant Breakfast? Will it help my weight loss? PS I don’t like breakfast.

No, just drinking Instant Breakfast will not assure you of losing weight. Your weight loss depends on a day’s total calories in the food you eat and total calories you expend through physical activities.  Think of your weight as a difference between calories in minus the calories you burn.

Instant Breakfast is a powder whose main ingredients are: nonfat dry milk; sugar; sweet dairy whey; corn syrup solids; calcium caseinate; lactose. Many of these ingredients are taken from milk (nonfat dry milk, sweet dairy whey, calcium caseinate and lactose). So by adding Instant Breakfast powder to milk, you are doubling the protein and tripling the carbohydrate content. It is essentially fortified double strength milk. Remember, half the protein comes from the milk, the other half from the Instant Breakfast powder you add to milk.

Go to your local grocery store. Compare the price of one serving of cereal with milk to one package of Instant Breakfast. Decide for yourself if cost is a factor. Both Instant Breakfast and cereal with milk have similar nutrient analyses and are breakfast food items. Also, both are usually eaten with milk added. Actually, you can eat anything for breakfast other than traditional cereal or eggs and toast. You can eat a sandwich, salad, or anything to break the fast from the last meal you ate the day before.  You may find that if you do not snack at night after your evening meal, you may be more hungry in the morning.

You also have mentioned that you don’t like breakfast. If your choice is Instant Breakfast or nothing, drink the Instant Breakfast. At least, it gets your body some nutrients right away in the morning. If you were concerned about your weight, I would suggest you use skim milk as it is lower in fat (1 1/2 teaspoons) and lower in calorie (60) than whole milk.

If you feel you need to lose weight, forget the liquid meal drinks. Try decreasing your calorie intake to no lower than 1200 calories per day.

If you don’t know how many calories you need to lose weight, try my Healthy Body Calculator® which will use your physical data to calculate a Calorie Goal. Then on your calculator results page, click on the button for “do you need a healthy eating plan” to get a personalized eating plan. HELP Healthy Eating For Life Plan® will consider your food preferences for the type of milk, meat, beans, and snacks. There is a small food database linked to your eating plan from which you can create daily menus.