Do you know about the cabbage soup diet?

What do you know about the Cabbage Soup Diet? Do you have a copy? I would like to try it for 7 days.

No, I don’t, but I did see it in one of the newsgroups. Sounds like the latest fad diet though. Kind of reminds me of the Beverly Hills fruit diet – the silver bullet food that melts off weight. What are you going to eat when you go off the cabbage soup?

Any diet that has fewer calories than what you are eating now will cause weight loss. The problem most persons have is maintaining the weight loss because fad or popular diets are usually very different than a person usually eats, require special foods, or eliminate whole groups of foods like starches and dairy. After losing weight, most people go back to their previous eating habits which result in weight regain.

The one good thing a moderate weight loss plan can do is providing you with a new eating plan that can be followed for a lifetime. There is no silver bullet food yet for weight loss. It takes diet and exercise. If you would like a healthy eating plan, try my HELP Healthy Eating For Life Plan®. You can add your preferences for the type of milk, meat, beans, and snacks. If you don’t know your Calorie Goal, first use my Healthy Body Calculator® and on your calculator results page, click on the button for “do you need a healthy eating plan” and your data will be transferred to HELP.