What should I eat to help my metabolism speed up?


I had an eating disorder a few months ago. Now it seems like my metabolism has died almost completely. I gained 25 pounds of fat weight in two months. I was 95 pounds, but now I weigh 120 pounds and I don’t feel healthy at all. I’m over fat now because everything that I eat goes directly to fat. I started to attend aerobic classes and try to eat less and healthy, what should I do?

Will the fat-burner pills help me lose the fat I gained? What should I eat to help my metabolism speed up and what should I stop eating to lose at least 15 pounds in 2 to 3  months?

Well, you are healthier because you gained weight. But, I doubt that all the weight you gained was fat unless you were laying in bed for 3 months. A weight of 120 pounds for a person from 4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall is in a healthy weight range. Does this describe you? Since you did not provide your height, I can generally comment that your BMI is probably healthy if you are over 19 and within this height range. Try out the Healthy Body Calculator® to check on your BMI and healthy weight range.

Your efforts to eat healthily can stabilize your weight and exercise can change the composition of your body to build the underlying muscle. Remember though that you do need some body fat to make hormones and if your body fat gets too low, you may not menstruate on a regular basis.

Exercise will increase your metabolism for up to 15 hours afterward. If you start losing weight again, your metabolism will slow down as your body thinks a famine is happening.

You do not fit the criteria for weight loss pills and your issue still seems to be your weight. I would suggest you get back in touch with your psychologist before things get out of control.