What can I do to help someone I know who is really thin and she probably has anorexia?

I know someone who is really thin and she probably has anorexia. What can I do to help?

If the person is under age 18, a parent can bring the teen in for treatment. However, if the person is over age 18, you should encourage them to seek help. Tell them they look unhealthy or sick, not thin because thinness is their goal for controlling their weight. If your friend has threatened suicide, bring them to the nearest hospital for mental health treatment immediately. You can offer to accompany your friend with anorexia to the appointment with a psychologist to be supportive, but don’t get dragged into solving your friend’s problems for her/him. You are not responsible for your friend’s food choices.

Treatment for a person with anorexia must be intense and may last for several months or even years. Hospitalization may be required in the beginning or during a relapse of strict dieting and weight loss.

Seek out trained psychologists and doctors who work with persons with anorexia and their families. Look in the phone book for local eating disorder clinics. Call them now for help. It won’t go away with time, it only worsens. Don’t try to treat a person with anorexia yourself as the food issues are just a symptom, not the real issues.