Today is not a good a day. I met with my therapist and we got into some touchy areas.

Thanks for returning my message. Today is not a good a day for me. I met with my therapist and we got into some touchy areas. Then I came home, cut myself with a razor blade, ate some pizza then purged, then I took some laxatives. I know a food is good for me, but knowing that and what I feel are two different worlds. Your words were magic I know that somebody out there cares and listens. Thank you.

If you got into some touchy issues during therapy, then you are doing healing work. Hard to believe, but these painful steps are necessary to get to a healthier place. Have you thought of staying with someone after you have an appointment with your therapist? It would be a good plan.

Most people with bulimia don’t binge or purge in front of someone else. Also, if you feel like hurting yourself, you should not be alone. When you start to feel like doing something to hurt yourself, call a trusted friend to stay with you. Another option is to go to the closest emergency room and ask for help.

You have to gain some weight and change some behaviors before your head clears. You may need to be hospitalized to keep you safe and your trusted friend could get you help if that were necessary. You have to trust that the people who love you will do what is in your best interest as you are not thinking straight yet.

Hey, you only binged on 1 food and threw up once. That is better than several times. Try to focus on the positive behaviors you have rather than looking at your life as all or nothing. Focus on right now because you can only change your future. You can’t change your past. Look forward, not back