I weighed 230 pounds when I used the Healthy Body Calculator to begin losing weight. I have a great motivation–I’m turning 50 next summer and my high school friends (all of whom remember when I weighed 120 when we graduated in 1971) are planning a nice beach trip or a cruise next summer. We’ve almost all gained weight, but mine was 100 pounds. For the first time, I decided it was time to lose.

    On March 31, when I was weighed before some sinus surgery and saw that 230, I gasped! So I printed out the Healthy Body Calculator recommendations, glued them into a journal and I’ve been writing down what I eat every day since. I noted as my goal that I’d like to lose 2 pounds per week, because that seemed rational. I’m very sedentary at this stage in my life so the calculator gave me 1,800 plus calories a day to begin my weight loss–more than I expected!

    I’ve lost 15 pounds–almost exactly on target! I am so pleased and feel ever so much lighter and better. I have a long way to go to get to my goal weight, but I’m very encouraged. I have to say that I only weigh on the last day of the month, so that psychologically I don’t feel defeated if I don’t see the daily reductions. That was a recommendation from a friend, and a very good one, I think!

    Who knew that a serving of meat is 4 ounces?! I fault the industry for the outrageous portion sizes that we are given in the U.S. I’ve discovered that I can still eat out, but now cannot begin to eat everything on the plate! I purchase a book of food counts that helps me track the breakdown of my calories and it includes counts of some of the fast food vendors–yikes!! Won’t be going to McDonald’s again any time soon. That alone is helping.

    So just consider this a rambling thank you for getting me started on the right track!