I would like to thank you for creating the Healthy Body Calculator. I have been on many diets, just to regain the weight and then some. I think that my problem was eating too much for comfort which resulted in weight gain and then to eat too little while dieting which ultimately lead to constant hunger. Most diets I have been on have had unrealistic low goals in terms of calorie consumption therefore I was bound to fail from the beginning. I find that the Healthy Body Calculator is very helpful and have been using it for the past 2 months. So far I have lost about 11 pounds and the process as a whole has been pretty simple. I really get to eat much more than I thought I would be permitted while on a diet and I feel like the guess work has been eliminated from the equation. I am glad that the weight loss is coming off gradually because I believe that this gives me a greater chance to keep it off. I have many more pounds to go, but I know that the journey will be much easier with your calculator as a guide. Thank you.