I am an exercise physiologist and entered body fat of 7% into your calculator. I want to get to 5%.

Hello, I am an exercise physiologist. I entered body fat of 7% and I want to get to 5%. Your Healthy Body Calculator® said I should eat over 4500 calories and over 100 grams of fat! I don’t think that is possible, do you? Thank you for your response.

You did not provide the other data you entered, but if you entered your height, weight, activity, 7% current body fat and 5% body fat goal, the Healthy Body Calculator® will accurately figure your calories and fat. It certainly is possible that you need over 4500 calories and 100 grams of fat, but how did you ask to have your calories distributed? The calculator fat percent default is 30% and you can change that to a lower number if you choose.

Also, critically look at how you entered your activity data. If you overestimate what you do in a day, a higher calorie and fat grams will result.

I used my experience teaching sports nutrition and working with college and Olympic athletes in designing the Healthy Body Calculator® to take into account athletes with low body fat and sometimes above average weight.