I had surgery on my face. My sister says I should rub vitamin E on the scar.


Good website. I just had outpatient facial surgery to remove a sebaceous cyst. The surgery was done by a plastic surgeon who appears to have a done a good job, leaving only a minor scar. My sister says I should rub vitamin E on the scar and it will disappear. I have also read vitamin A might do the same. I am a 47-year-old male, non-smoker, in very good health otherwise. Your thoughts?


Would suggest discussing this with your plastic surgeon first though for his / her input. Their recommendation would depend on whether a topically applied (spread on top of the skin) product would interfere with letting a wound dry or if an infection is present. There are some over the counter (OTC) scar preparations that greatly help scars disappear. Ask your doctor for their recommendation.

Yes, Vitamin E helps heal wounds on the skin. If recommended by your doctor, you can use a vitamin E gel capsule. Wash your hands with soap and dry with a clean cloth. While using a clean (sanitize with burning flame) pin, puncture the end of the capsule. Squeeze a small amount onto the skin wound. Covering the skin is optional. You should see improved healing with a daily topical application of vitamin E. There is no research though that vitamin E prevents scaring.