I meant 50 grams a day seemed too much to me especially since I was pregnant at the time.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I meant 50 grams a day and it seemed too much to me, especially since I was pregnant at the time and was not about to take anything experimental. My dad got his medical feelings hurt over the whole issue and is still mad at me. But this is the man who takes medication so he doesn’t have to go to the bathroom during a 12-hour trip. I read your recommendation that a balanced diet might make supplements unnecessary. Thank you so much.

Whoa, you’re pregnant?

Definitely don’t take any supplements other than those prescribed by your obstetrician (folic acid to prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida, iron to prevent anemia and Vitamin C at 1 – 2 times RDA amount only or 150 milligrams to improve iron absorption). Other nutrients needed for pregnancy can be acquired by eating a balanced eating plan with sufficient calories to support a healthy weight gain. Try my Healthy Body Calculator and include that you are pregnant so your report will include the increased calories and nutrients you need during your pregnancy. Better to have a mad dad than a baby with lifelong problems due to megadoses of vitamin supplements. Besides, the time has a way of healing most rifts, especially when you deliver a healthy, well-nourished baby.

FYI, some Vitamin C research concluded that mothers who took megadoses (100 times the RDA) of vitamin C produced babies who were more vitamin C dependent throughout their lives. It seems these babies had to continue supplementing above the RDA to reach normal body saturation levels due to the extremely high levels during their intrauterine life.