Should a man who eats red meat and supplements with a multivitamin take one that doesn’t contain iron?


Given an active male who eats a well-balanced diet, including red meat, green, leafy vegetables, and whole grains, and, who additionally supplements his diet with a multi-vitamin, should he choose a multi which does not contain iron?

I’m suggesting that he is getting plenty of iron in his normal diet. I think I read that too much iron can be toxic…is this correct?

Yes. Should a man feel the need to take a multivitamin, he should choose a multivitamin without iron. A man who is not losing blood can get enough iron from food to meet their Recommended Dietary Allowance for iron without taking a multivitamin. Research has indicated that men with high iron in their blood which can be due to either taking iron supplements or a multivitamin with iron are at increased risk of a heart attack.