I crave red meat prior during my period. Is my body telling me it wants extra iron?


I’ve been finding that I seriously crave red meat prior to and during my period. Do you think that this is my body telling me that it wants extra iron during this time?

The last 6 months I have drastically reduced my red meat consumption due to the fat content. I have been charting my food in diet software for the past 3 months and can tell you that I am eating only 10 CFF. I have now discovered buffalo burgers as well as venison and elk to be VERY low-fat versions of red meat and this is what I eat when I crave it.

By the way, my cholesterol is 174, triglycerides 95, glucose 92, BP 174/80 and this is at 285#. Of course, that is down from 390!! So, assuming I am as healthy as my “numbers” say……..shall I continue to believe that my body is giving me valid messages and go ahead and increase my red meat when I crave it? Thanks for listening!

Also, what do you think of an average calorie intake of 1300 calories which includes an average of 200 gm carbohydrates, 100 gm protein, 40 gm fiber and 15 gm fat? BTW, I am also a 1-year kidney cancer survivor.

First off, congratulations on your surviving and secondly, congratulations on losing 105 pounds. Your lab results look good. Blood pressure could be lowered though by continuing to lose weight and exercise.

Food cravings are especially difficult to pin down to a cause. Eating lean red meats 3 times a week is generally recommended. Red meat is now leaner and pork equals chicken in percent fat content.

Red meat is a significant source of iron for menstruating women. The trend in eating less red meat may increase iron deficiency anemia, especially among young children.

Please clarify what 10 CFF means? I do not understand the abbreviation.

Buffalo, venison, elk and most other wild game is lower in fat than beef, veal, pork or lamb. These lower-fat red meats would make good food choices.

The 1300-calorie diet you describe is 62% carbohydrate, 31% protein, 10% fat and high fiber. A minimum of 13 grams of fiber is recommended. I am concerned about the high protein content of your diet. Most diets have 15 – 20% protein. What has your doctor said about protein intake in light of your kidney cancer?