Adelle Davis was a pioneer, way ahead of her time.

Don’t be dissing Adelle Davis she had an MS in Biochemistry. What’s yours in? Adelle Davis was a pioneer, way ahead of her time. Sounds like you’ve not even read her books. They’re full of references to studies, etc. Don’t you see how everything she said decades ago is all being corroborated now with more and more studies? She should be revered by you, not maligned. I can’t get over the quaint way you maligned her. Makes me nauseated.

Adelle Davis sold a lot of books with some good info as a dietitian and some which has been proven to be wrong. Yes, I have read some of her books. If you disagree, that is your choice. Research does not support some of the recommendations she made including the one about bone meal for a calcium supplement. Heavy metals like mercury are stored in bone. Depending on the source of bone meal (usually slaughtered animals), it can contain mercury.

My undergraduate minor was in chemistry and I have taken biochemistry in college. Biochemistry classes focus on the chemical structure of biological compounds including vitamins and minerals rather than the relationship between food and health.