Is there a diet that would be beneficial to epilepsy?

Our epilepsy foundations get inquiries about nutrition from our women clients with epilepsy. Is there a certain diet that would be beneficial to them? Thank you for your input.

A ketogenic nutrition therapy to reduce seizures has been discussed in research articles. This should not be confused with the popular Keto diet for weight loss. This involves a high protein, low carbohydrate nutrition therapy. I would recommend you contact a registered dietitian in a hospital or medical clinic near you as there are a protocol and some contraindications in following this nutrition therapy. It should only be utilized under the care of a neurologist. Blood and urinary ketones need to be measured periodically because it can upset the acid/base balance of the blood leading to ketoacidosis if the person also has diabetes. People’s health history would need to be taken into consideration as well as the length of time a person would be on this nutrition therapy because of complications with blood values, urine, and kidney function.