My grandmother’s sodium level is 123. I have relayed your suggestions to ask my grandmother’s doctors.

Thank you for responding so soon to my letter about my grandmother’s sodium level. I was incorrect about her present count. It is at 123, not 143. I have relayed your suggestions to my mother so she can ask her doctors about testing for certain things. I appreciate your quick response and hope something you suggested will help find out why her sodium level keeps going down. My mother said her level hasn’t been even near 130 in over a week. Thanks so much for your help.

Wow, 123 is low. Hope your grandmother’s doctors find the cause. They should be able to support her sodium levels with salt on food if she is eating or an IV with saline (salt water).

Sodium is found around the outside of all cells and so integral to the electrolyte balance (conveys an electrical charge when in a liquid like the blood or water around cells) in the body. Potassium is another electrolyte, but it is found inside cells.