If I was pregnant, would this cause me to retain water and cause my hands to swell?


I am not pregnant.

I don’t set amount of time to do exercise. But I walk stairs and up walk up steep hills and play with my mom’s babysitting kids. I also am on my feet at all times while I am at work which is pretty often.

One thing I don’t do is drink a lot of water like I should, but I usually get in 2 glasses of skim milk, 2 glasses of water and around 2 cans of pop throughout a day.

Thank u for writing me back. If I was pregnant would this cause me to retain water and cause my hands to swell? I am just curious.

Pregnant women do have more fluid shift than non-pregnant women and a higher demand for drinking water. If you notice swelling in your hands now in a non-pregnant state, you may or may not experience some problems with swelling when you do become pregnant.

I would recommend you drink more water, around 8 cups per day assuming you have normal kidney function. To check if you are drinking enough water, pay attention to the color of your urine and then read the fluid topic.

I would recommend you call your doctor and ask him/her why your hands would swell after your evening meal but before bedtime. Your doctor should be made aware of any changes in your health. Don’t accept swollen hands as inevitable just because you think it is hereditary.

Based on new calcium recommendations, would suggest you increase milk to 3 cups per day.