I have concern about the question on honey.


I enjoyed your page and I particularly found the Ask the Dietitian section informative. However, I have a concern about the question on honey. You might want to consider adding a bit about not giving honey to infants (on pacifiers, bottle nipples etc.) as honey is rarely if ever, sterilized and Clostridium Botulism spores may be present. It is not a problem for adults with healthy immune systems however it can be fatal to babies.

In regards to your answer about sugar-free breath mints, mints with sugar can actually give you bad breath because the normal flora of the mouth LOVE the sugar and proliferate in the presence of it. Mints with NutraSweet do not provide a carbohydrate source and also induce salivation, which increases the pH of the mouth.

You are correct about honey. In fact, most infant feeding brochures mention not to feed honey to infants unless sterilized. Since it would be difficult to know if the canning process temperature was hot enough to kill the bacteria, the most conservative approach is to not give honey to infants in any form.

Initially, honey was used as a substitute for sugar in making homemade infant formula, which also is not recommended. Commercial infant formulas are fortified to meet infant’s nutritional needs and ironically most are formulated to mimic breast milk!

Your comment about sugar containing breath mints is also correct.