Do you have information on the Finegold Diet?

I was wondering if you had any information on what is called the “Finegold Diet”? It could be used, from what I understand, for patients (children) with Attention Deficit Disorders perhaps as a last resort for treatment. I do understand that it isn’t proven to be of benefit, but may not be harmful either. If you have any information on this regarding – how to follow it and your advice regarding the diet, it would be most appreciated. Thanks.

First, read the other questions below as the Feingold diet does eliminate some nutritious foods like fruit. It is not accepted medical nutrition therapy for patients with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder formerly called hyperactivity) nor for persons with learning disabilities. The doctor that started the diet for hyperactivity which excluded sugar, artificial colors, etc. is Dr. Feingold. You can also read more from the International Food Information Council Foundation and search for articles on hyperactivity and sugar.