I would like information about cellulite and how to reduce the appearance of it.


I would like information regarding cellulite and how to reduce the appearance of it. It has been difficult for me to obtain an honest non-biased option on the subject of cellulite. There are a million and one sites stating products that remove, reduce, get rid of cellulite. However, I recently visited a doctor who informed me that once you have cellulite you have it forever. Yikes!

It seems to me that a regular exercise program or eating certain foods could help with this problem. I am 5 feet 1 inch and weigh 127 pounds. I have a medium / large frame for my height.

I have recently begun (trying to) exercising on a relatively regular basis. I use a 30-minute exercise tape 3 to 4 times per week. I have cut out many of the fatty type foods that I used to eat.

My question to you, is there specific exercises or foods that help in reducing cellulite? Thank you very much for your response and for a terrific informative website.

Does your skin look like an orange peel? Actually, there is no such thing as cellulite, but the term seems to describe a dimpled appearance to the skin for most people. What you are looking at is hypertrophied fat cells or fat cells that are full of fat rather than partially full.

No cream, gadget or supplement will rid your body of dimpled skin. The only way to reduce dimpled look to the skin is to exercise to reduce body fat and increase underlying muscle. Aerobic exercise is great to reduce body fat and weight lifting increases muscle mass. If you aren’t sure what exercises to do, contact an exercise physiologist or a certified trainer for guidance.

Or are you referring to cellulitis which is a reddened area in a specific area of skin? Cellulitis is an inflammation of the tissue just beneath the skin. If this is what you are referring to, I would recommend you see your doctor as blood clots also cause a reddened, hot area to the skin close to a blood clot.