I need a chart for each food group with the carbohydrates, sugar and protein.

I have searched and I am now asking for help. I need a chart for each food group and it needs to have carbohydrates, sugar, and protein. Other info is great, but my request is a must. If you could offer direction it would sure make my husband’s job as the head cook so much easy. I truly am desperate and need all the help I can get. Thank you sincerely.

Are you asking for the carbohydrates, sugar, and protein in basic food groups like meat, milk, grains, fruits, vegetables and fat? Look at my diabetic exchanges topic for more information. Here is a table of food groups.

Food Group Carbohydrate Sugar Protein
Grains 15 varies 0-3
Fruit 15 varies 0
Milk 12 varies 8
Vegetables 5 varies 2
Meat 0 varies 7
Fat 0 varies 0


Your husband should consider purchasing a nutrition analysis software program that has food ingredients like tomatoes and brand name foods like Hunts Tomato Sauce. Then he could analyze his recipes for these nutrients. Sugar data is limited for basic foods, but most brand name foods have sugar listed on the Nutrition Facts label.