I am a recovering bulimic and am in fear of how my diet affects my life.


I was surfing the net trying to find all the info I could find on hypoglycemia.

I am a recovering bulimic. Both my parents are alcoholics. My father is a “rageaholic”. I think this stems from a sugar disorder. I am also in recovery for money issues. I am debt free, but I still use shopping as a mood altering. I have recurrent Candida. I have many allergies (food) as well.

On the outside, I appear very happy, healthy, and successful. Even my boyfriend who is a family practice doctor tells me I’m fine.

I am looking for support regarding my hypoglycemia diet. I was completely off sugar for 6 weeks and began bingeing. I am worried about myself. I don’t seem to be able to find the support I need in OA (Overeaters Anonymous). It is extremely hard to remain sugar-free.

I take lots of chromium, but lately, I’ve been out of control. Can you please help?

A support group and/or additional reading and a recommendation for a physician in my area would be very helpful.

My sister died of leukemia 2 years ago and my dad and grandparents had or have cancer. I know that all my illnesses are related.

I am also mildly depressed despite the fact that I am in a healthy relationship and my business is going well. I have childhood abuse issues, which have been dealt with in therapy. I am a beautiful loving intelligent woman with a lot to offer. But I am perpetually in fear of how my diet affects my life. I’m trying to better my odds. Can you please help? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to vent.

You are a survivor. You are on the right track. I do not believe that food or eating is your issue, only a symptom of the real issues.

Obviously, you don’t agree with your doctor boyfriend that you are fine and perhaps his emotional closeness to you is blinding him. It doesn’t feel fine from what you are describing.

I would recommend you see a psychologist who is trained in domestic abuse, depression and compulsive disorders. You have more work to do. There is a relationship between all your family issues including bulimia, alcohol, abuse, depression, the death of a family member, and compulsive shopping.

Your father’s rages of anger belong to him and are not caused by a sugar disorder but rather alcoholism. You need to keep yourself safe from his rages even if that means leaving when your father starts raging. In domestic abuse programs, participants are trained to create safety plans for themselves in unsafe situations. You need to create and practice your plan for when your dad rages.

Hypoglycemia should be diagnosed by a doctor. Your eating plan does not have to be carbohydrate free, just sugar-free with 6 small meals like a diabetes nutrition therapy using carbohydrate counting. Maybe you should see a Registered Dietitian who can help you with a healthy eating plan while you deal with your underlying issues. I don’t know of any support groups for hypoglycemia, but you could ask the dietitian you see if there is one in your area.

While at the doctor’s, get the Candida infection treated as it is due to a fungus often in the throat or vagina. You could talk to your doctor about your immune response at the same time.

Has an allergist tested you for specific allergies (food)? If so, what are they?

I wouldn’t recommend chromium supplements for you. Chromium won’t do anything for the symptoms you describe. Chromium is part of insulin, but if you do have hypoglycemia, then you are producing too much insulin. Excess chromium will not change how much insulin is secreted by your pancreas.