What is the average amount of veggies, fruits and starches per meal in a 1200 calorie diet?

I have to be on a 1200-calorie diet and I have lost the number of exchanges needed per meal. Please give me an average amount of veggies, fruits, and starches per meal. I know the meats and milk but can’t remember the other. I do not take insulin or medication. I am borderline.

The standard 1200 calorie meal plan is 4 meat exchanges (lean), 3.5 starch, 3 milk, 3 vegetables, 3 fruit and 5 fat. You can split the exchanges up into 3 meals or 3 meals plus 1 snack. Save 1 bread or 1 fruit for a snack.

Breakfast Noon Meal Evening Meal
2 fruit 1 fruit
1 vegetables 2 vegetable
1 milk 1 milk 1 milk
1.5 starch 1 starch 1 starch
2 lean meat 2 lean meat
1 fat 2 fat 2 fat


There is no such diagnosis as borderline diabetes. Either you have diabetes or you don’t and if you do have diabetes then you need to count carbohydrates. If you need additional assistance with your eating plan, contact a registered dietitian who could individualize your meal plan including your likes and dislikes.