Went to a physician and then sonogram which found huge stone in neck of gallbladder.

Went to a physician, then sonogram. Found huge stone in the neck of the gallbladder. Gallbladder and stone all gone via laparoscopy. All better now. Lost 20lbs. No pain after eating. Feel great! Great news!

I have severe pain just below my rib cage. I saw a MD who suspected gallstones. What is going on?

Lately, I have had severe pain in my upper right quadrant, just beneath my ribcage. The pain is "rolling", "cramping", "hard" pain. The onset is almost exactly 2.5 hours after eating a normal meal. For example, a meal of white chicken breast (no skin), baked potato chunks with very little cheese sauce, kale and...

Have there been any studies done on digestion after gallbladder removal?

Have there ever been any studies done on problems with digestion after gallbladder removal? If so, could you direct me to this information? No studies come to mind and I searched a few references as well. Fat and fiber tolerance varies among individuals after gallbladder removal. Food tolerance ranges from the same foods offending to...

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