I am going on a vacation in few weeks and thought about not taking my laxatives.

I am going on a vacation in a few weeks. I thought about not taking my laxatives. What will happen to my body when I stop? My body is used to taking 5 pills each night and some in the morning. Will my body still work or will I have to reduce the laxatives slowly? I am hoping I can do this. If I can’t, then I must buy enough laxatives for the entire vacation. Thanks for the help.

That doesn’t sound like a vacation to bring laxatives along. More in the morning? How many do you take in one day?

Depending on what you eat will determine what happens to your body. You could get constipated or have normal bowel movements. If you remember to eat foods with fiber (whole grains, fruits, and vegetables) in addition to drinking enough fluids each day so that your urine is light yellow, you should have a normal stool. You have to eat food since the stool is the indigestible parts of the food you eat and the waste your body produces.

If you are ready to quit the laxatives, now is a good time to start before your vacation. Talk to your doctor about getting off laxatives.