I have been on Coumadin for 11 years and supplements I would like to take contain vitamin K.

I would really appreciate your advice on the use of coumadin and vitamin K supplements. I have a genetic condition called Protein C Deficiency. I am 44 years old and have been on coumadin for 11 years. There are 2 supplement products on the market that I would really like to take, but they both contain vitamin K. One has 80 micrograms of vitamin K and the other 50 micrograms. I am receiving mixed advice from my doctors. My family doctor thinks it would be OK to try these products and watch my INR (prothrombin time) and increase the coumadin if necessary, but my hematologist says not take any supplement with vitamin K. An immunologist also thinks it would be OK to try the supplements. Please advise if you are able. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

It is confusing when doctors don’t agree. Ask your doctors to talk to each other to reach a consensus on whether or not you should take a supplement with vitamin K. Until then, caution would be the better choice and not take a supplement with vitamin K. Ask a pharmacist at your favorite store for their recommendation of a supplement without vitamin K.

The biggest issue with coumadin and vitamin K is you need to eat a consistent amount of vitamin K containing foods every day. In other words, one day, don’t eat lots of green leafy vegetables and the next few days go without. It would be more difficult to regulate your clotting time with varying vitamin K intakes. Go back and read the vitamin K topic as there is a list of high vitamin K foods. Try to eat about the same amount of vitamin K every day.