My triglycerides are over 700. I cut out sugar, sweets and my Cokes to only 2 a day.


My triglycerides are over 700. My cholesterol was normal. I have done everything to bring it under 700. I cut out sweets, sugar, and my Cokes to only 2 a day Is that still too many?

I am 60 lb. overweight. I have cut fat percent to 15 grams a day and calories to 1700. I exercise 4 times a week for 30 min. I have been doing this for a year. Why can’t I lose the weight and bring my triglycerides down?

With a triglyceride level over 700, I would suggest you continue to eliminate all high sugar foods and switch to diet colas. You did not say if you drink alcohol. If yes, quit all alcohol and sweets which increase triglycerides.

Would also suggest you continue to lose weight and exercise. Try out the Healthy Body Calculator to determine how many calories and grams of fat to eat to lose 1 or 2 pounds per day. Your choice of 15 grams of fat per day (8% of 1700 calories) seems a bit low. Do you have a problem with feeling satisfied after meals? If yes, you should consider increasing the fat in your diet to a minimum of 25% of your calories to improve satiety or feeling full after meals.

Keep exercising, but increase to 5 times 30 minutes per week. Make sure you include aerobic exercise to reduce body fat.

I suspect undiagnosed or latent diabetes. Do you have a family history of diabetes?