Where it says Your Nutrition Facts, is that saying what I am eating now or something I should be doing? That was a lot of calories and fat grams. I don’t even come close to that now. I eat probably 1000 calories a day and according your data I am definitely overweight so I really would like to know how / what the results of that calculator mean? I never feel hungry I have gone from eating at 5:30 PM to not eating till 12:30 P.M. the next day and not feel hungry. WHY???? Hope I hear from you soon.


    Your Nutrition Facts are calculated from the data that you entered using proven nutrition science algorithms. If you chose to lose or gain or maintain weight, Your Nutrition Facts were adjusted to include that data. As to how Your Nutrition Facts compares to what you are eating now, you would have to evaluate that by writing down everything you eat / drink and analyze your food with some nutrition analysis software.

    If you are overweight, then your calories and fat are going to be higher because it takes more calories to maintain your weight at that higher level. If you are on a weight reduction program, then you need to reduce your calories. As you lose 5 to 10 pounds, you will need to refigure how many calories to eat as your calorie needs will drop as you lose weight. When you get to your weight goal, you will need to slightly increase the calories you eat to maintain your weight goal, but not enough to start gaining again.

    Hunger is dependent on many factors, one of which is how often you are used to eating. Depending on the fat content of your last meal, you may not be hungry for up to 6 hours after eating. Fat keeps you satisfied longer between meals because it is the slowest energy-producing nutrient to be digested and absorbed by the body.

    I would suggest you start including a morning meal to break your fast from the previous night’s meal. In addition, if you split the calories you do eat into several meals, your body is more likely to immediately burn the calories for fuel rather than storing those calories as body fat. For instance, if you were to eat two 500-calorie meals, you may not need that many calories. Any calories not immediately needed for energy would be stored in fat cells. If you ate three meals of 333 calories each, you would probably not store any calories in fat cells.

    I would not recommend less than 1200 calories to lose weight and less than 1600 calories per day is probably deficient in several vitamins or minerals. Since you choose to eat 1000 calories per day, I would suggest you take a multivitamin. Read the vitamin supplements topic.