Today I tried your Healthy Body Calculator® and it recommended a weight range of 99 to 121 pounds for my height and 22% body fat goal. I’m not an expert, but the Met Life tables have a 118 to 132 pounds range for (medium frame). Weight Watchers says 109 to 131. I had read somewhere that 22% is a desirable fat percent for women, but I suspect it is making your calculator give the lower range. I’m trying to set a realistic weight goal after two having 2 kids. Do you have any recommendations on ideal body weight or % body fat? Thank You.


    If you are 5’2″, then a healthy weight for you is 101 to 136 pounds. How did you come up with a 22% body fat goal or are you referring to your BMI? Body fat goals (BMI) vary with age, so 22% body fat is appropriate for younger people, but not seniors. Unless you have had your body fat measured, I would recommend you omit any body fat estimates or goals when entering your data into the Healthy Body Calculator®.

    Met Life height weight tables are based on the self-reported heights and weights of people (25 – 59) who apply for life insurance and fit into the lowest mortality risk group. These figures are analyzed statistically and divided into 3 segments of people with lower weights assigned a small frame, the middle weights a medium frame and the higher weights a large frame. Have you ever had a life insurance agent ask you what body frame you have when applying for life insurance or has any life insurance company asked this on your medical application? They don’t.

    Weight Watchers includes a greater range of body weight going up to the lower limit of obesity which is 20% higher than ideal body weight. This provides a more generous and probably attainable goal for weight loss. FYI, research has shown that men overestimate their height by 1″ and women underestimate their weight by 10 pounds.

    A realistic goal is your pre-pregnant weight for starters. Then once you have reached that weight, re-assess where you are using my calculator then set a new goal if necessary. If you are breastfeeding, my calculator will take that into consideration in providing recommendations for weight loss in Your Nutrition Facts on the third page of the calculator.