Loved your Healthy Body Calculator®! Hate your idea of what a woman 5’10 should weigh! Are you still using the metropolitan charts? I haven’t been 165 since junior high! I’m aerobically fit (and have an extra pint of blood because I live at a higher altitude) and look pretty good in shorts. I’m not an athlete and I weigh 195. Now, when I pretended to be a guy your calculator said I could weigh 183. That is probably more accurate for me. Perhaps erring on the side of “thinness” has some advantages, but I’m not letting my daughters see your site any time soon. Maybe you could review these numbers.


    No, the Healthy Body Calculator® doesn’t use the Metropolitan Life Insurance tables to calculate weight. Besides weight is only one parameter to determine health.

    Most practitioners rely on the BMI. What was your calculated BMI and was it still in a healthy range at 195 pounds? If so, then ignore the healthy weight range.

    Also, if you are aerobically fit, perhaps your body fat is on the low end, which would mean that your muscle mass is on the high end. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you know your % body fat, enter that value into my calculator because it will affect how your healthy body weight range is calculated.

    There are a lot of variables to calculate weight. Guys get to weigh more because they have lower percent body fat due to testosterone. Females have higher percent body fat due to progesterone and estrogen.